Smart Contract Auditing

The Audithor team can provide your project with peace of mind prior to deploying highly sensitive code.

How does it work?

An audit from Audithor follows a specific process. First, at least two team members - usually more - provide independent audits of the code. This is to maximize overlap and minimize bias, leaving no stone unturned. Then, a collaborative period begins where problems are discussed, explained and tested (actual unit tests are written). The whole process results in a unified report which will give your contracts a grade from A to F.

Once your project gets a passing grade (C and above), the report will be embedded into our smart contract which links the downloadable report with the metadata about the project's status. You will be given a "badge" which you can embed onto your website as proof of audit, and through it users will be able to verify the audit.

You can hire us for as many rounds of audits as needed until you get a passing grade. Each subsequent round will be 50% the price of the original audit, as long as no new contracts have been introduced and no new functionality was added except the recommended fixes.

What does the audit report include?

  • grade from A to F, A being "ready to deploy" and F being "people will lose money or you will be unable to deploy this at all because of bugs"
  • recommendations on what to fix
  • recommendations on gas cost optimization
  • recommendations on how to increase trustworthiness of your contracts through some methods that go beyond code
  • unit tests used with the code that was audited

What does it cost?

It will depend on the complexity of the contracts, first impression of the code, urgency of the audit, and more. Typically, you will have to set aside at least $5000.

If you'd like a quote, please contact us.

Who are the auditors?

The project is lead by Bruno Škvorc in collaboration with Tonimir Kišasondi and Jean-Pierre Aumasson.